In Memory of Professor Frank Shu: A Tribute to an Astrophysics Pioneer

27 April 2023


Professor Frank Shu

In deep sorrow and with heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Professor Frank Shu, a great academic pioneer and Emeritus Senior Fellow of Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS). He left us on 23 April 2023 in the US.

Real talent never dies. Their body may rest in peace, their spirit lives on. We may be saying goodbye to their mind, but not their dreams. Professor Shu is an extraordinary astrophysicist and astronomer, having received all kinds of Nobel-prize-equivalent recognitions. He is highly respected and deeply adored by his friends and colleagues. A beacon and insightful leader in his field, Shu is known for his pioneering theoretical work in a diverse set of fields of astrophysics, including the origin of meteorites, the birth and early evolution of stars and the structure of spiral galaxies.

Though he was educated and worked mostly in the US, his contribution to the world of science is global, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, especially in his later years. HKIAS is fortunate to have him as our Emeritus Senior Fellow, which has greatly enriched and expanded our academic scope.

Therefore, his passing is not only a loss for his family, but also for the science field, as well as all of us who have had the opportunity to associate ourselves with him during his lifetime.

Please join us in remembering a highly honoured member of our community. His legacy lives on!

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