HKIAS Senior Fellows

Professor Benoît Perthame, the world’s leading applied mathematicians and international authority on nonlinear partial equations, was appointed as HKIAS Senior Fellow in August 2019.

Professor Benoît Perthame is currently the Head of the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions at Sorbonne University in France and Head of the Division of Mathematics of the European Academy of Sciences. He is a member both of Academia Europaea and the European Academy of Sciences, and was elected in 2017 to the French Academy of Sciences.

Professor Perthame possesses the unusual characteristic that he is applying his great mathematical skills to mathematical modeling in biology and to the analysis of the resulting equations. This is a relatively recent field, which is now recognized as a prominent one, in which he began his works about thirty years ago.

Over the past decades, Professor Perthame has designed a new research program in the domain of Partial Differential Equations for Biology and Medicine. Besides new mathematical questions, this program has led to organize an INRIA team, first called BANG, now Mamba. As a result, mathematical biology has become a major research area within the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions and more generally, in France, which now counts as a leading country in mathematical biology.

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