(From left) Mr. Sunny Lee, Professor Alex Jen, Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Professor Pierre-Louis Lions, Professor Sir Colin Blakemore, Professor Tomas Hökfelt , Professor Chain-Tsuan Liu, Professor Tobin J. Marks, Professor Jean Salençon, Professor Philippe G. Ciarlet, Professor Serge Haroche, Professor Way Kuo, Professor David Srolovitz, Professor Sir John Ball, Professor Ovid Jyh-Lang Tzeng, Professor Tatsien Li, Professor Jian Lu and Professor Jacob Huang.

Annual General Meeting

The First IAS Annual General Meeting

The 1st Annual General Meeting of Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) was held at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 13 November 2018.

Professor Serge Haroche, Chairman and Senior Fellow of IAS, began the meeting by delivering the opening remarks. He welcomed all the Senior Fellows and thanked for their support and contribution to the institute in the past years. Professor Haroche re-affirmed the mission and vision of IAS - to gather some of the best minds in science, to pursue curiosity-driven ideas and studies, and to conduct unfettered research based on free and deep thinking; an institute where the goals are to seek truth, to advance knowledge and to better humanity.

Professor Way Kuo, CityU President and IAS Senior Fellow, addressed that IAS will strive to get on board more prominent scholars. IAS will continue the well-established IAS distinguished lectures by partnering with CityU faculty or other international institutions to bring in renowned academic visitors.

Professor Jacob Huang, Executive Director of IAS and Chair Professor of Materials Science, provided an overview of the IAS’ events and organization since its inception in 2015. He also mentioned that IAS will move to a new office building by the end of 2019. Targeting to offer more space with better facilities to accommodate more visiting scholars, IAS will organize more scientific events and further strengthen multidisciplinary research.

Various Senior Fellows also discussed the future planning and development of IAS. They recommended the institute to foster collaboration by engaging and linking up IAS visitors with CityU faculty in different formats. They also suggested that the institute recruit more outstanding young researchers to join IAS as Postdoctoral Fellows.

Professor Haroche concluded the meeting by thanking IAS members once again for their ideas. He said that IAS will continue to drive research excellence within and beyond CityU, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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