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Professor Tobin J. Marks


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Tobin J. Marks is Vladimir N. Ipatieff Professor of Catalytic Chemistry, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, and Professor of Applied Physics at Northwestern University, and Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M Qatar and at Korea University.

His research interests include transition metal and f element organometallic chemistry; catalysis; vibrational spectroscopy; synthetic facsimiles of metalloprotein active sites; carcinostatic metal complexes; solid state chemistry and low-dimensional molecular metals; nonlinear optical materials; polymer chemistry; tetrahydroborate coordination chemistry; macrocycle coordination chemistry; molecular electro-optics; metal-organic chemical vapor deposition; polymerization catalysis; printed flexible electronics; solar energy; and transparent conductors.

Professor Marks has received American Chemical Society National Awards in Polymeric Materials, 1983; Organometallic Chemistry, 1989; Inorganic Chemistry, 1994; Chemistry of Materials, 2001; Distinguished Service in Inorganic Chemistry, 2008; Organic Chemistry/Cope Senior Scholar, 2010; Catalysis (Somorjai), 2013. He received the 2000 American Chemical Society Cotton Medal, 2000; American Chemical Society Willard Gibbs Medal, 2001; N. American Catalysis Society Burwell Award, 2001; American Chemical Society Linus Pauling Medal, 2001; American Institute of Chemists Gold Medal, 2002; German Chemical Society Karl Ziegler Prize, 2003; Royal Society of Chemistry Frankland Medal, 2003; American Chemical Society Bailar Medal, 2005; Principe de Asturias Prize for Scientific Research, 2009; N. American Catalysis Society Pines Award, 2009; 2009 Taylor Materials Research Award, Penn. State U., 2009; 2009 Von Hippel Award, Materials Research Society; 2010 American Chemical Society Nichols Medal; 2010 Distinguished Affiliated Professor Award and Wilhelm Manchot Prize, Technical U. of Munich; 2010 American Chemical Society Mosher Award; 2011 Schulich Prize, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; 2011 Dreyfus Prize in the Chemical Sciences; 2012 American Chemical Society Richards Medal; 2012 National Academy of Sciences Award in the Chemical Sciences; Distinguished Alumni Award and Election, Circle of Discovery, U. of Maryland, 2012; MacDiarmid Medal, U. of Pennsylvania, 2013; Wilkinson Medal, Royal Society of Chemistry UK, 2014; Sacconi Medal, Italian Chemical Society, 2015; Materials for Industry Award, Royal Society of Chemistry UK, 2015; Einstein Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2016; UCLA Tannas Award, 2016; American Chemical Society Priestley Medal, 2017.

Peer-reviewed publications: 1,245; h-index = 141 on 78,600 citations; Issued US Patents: 260