Call For Nominations

HKIAS Visiting Fellows

The Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS) is established to gather the best minds in science to pursue curiosity-driven ideas and to conduct unfettered research based on free and deep thinking. The ultimate goals for HKIAS are to seek truth, advance knowledge, and better humanity.

As part of the initiatives to achieve these goals, HKIAS has established a Visiting Fellow programme for shorter-term appointments between 1-10 weeks for leading overseas scholars and thinkers working at the forefront of their respective fields. Longer appointments are available for visitors on, e.g., sabbatical leave. Visiting Fellows are expected to collaborate with scholars at CityU, to pursue scientific research of common interest.

Currently, the HKIAS visiting fellowships are awarded to scholars working in the following disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences and applied sciences.

Funding support

An internationally competitive remuneration package in accordance with CityU policy will be offered by the HKIAS.

Title and affiliation

All Visiting Fellows will be named HKIAS Visiting Fellows. Their primary affiliation is with HKIAS; the secondary affiliation is with an academic unit at CityU.

Nomination procedures

The appointment of Visiting Fellows shall be jointly made with an academic unit at CityU. All Visiting Fellows must be nominated by a faculty member from an academic unit at CityU. Interested CityU faculty members may submit their nominations with a short proposal and the CV of the nominee to the HKIAS. The proposal shall be prepared and duly signed by both the nominator and nominee, and endorsed by the respective Head of Department/Dean of College/School. A sample of the proposal is ATTACHED.

At the same time, interested external parties with potential of collaborations are encouraged to contact CityU faculty members on details for appointment of Visiting Fellows.