"Elastoplastic Modeling" by HKIAS Senior Fellow Professor Jean Salençon

8 September 2020


Elastoplastic Modeling, by Professor Jean Salençon, Senior Fellow of HKIAS, was published by ISTE in June 2020. This book is the fourth publication that Professor Salençon wrote after joining the HKIAS.

Elastoplastic behavior has long been part of the constitutive models incorporated in most computer codes, used in the design of civil and mechanical engineering structures. Elastoplastic Modeling offers a compact presentation of the fundamentals of classical elastoplastic modeling, the basis for many engineering applications currently implemented.

This book provides a general background to enhance understanding of the modeling assumptions that govern the rationales of these applications. With this understanding comes the ability to assess their validation range and propose possible improvements.

Professor Jean Salençon is a Member of the French Academy of Sciences, the French Academy of Technologies, and Academia Europaea. He is also an Honorary/Foreign Member of the Academies of Hungary, Milan and Lisbon. His research interests include continuum mechanics, structural analysis and soil mechanics.

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