Prof. Philippe Ciarlet's Visit to CityUHK: Advancing Scientific Research

13 May 2024


The Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS) of City University of Hong Kong (CityUHK) is delighted to welcome Prof. Philippe Ciarlet, a world-renowned mathematician and our HKIAS Senior Fellow, during his stay from 11 April to 29 May 2024. Prof. Ciarlet's visit is marked by several pivotal events to advance scientific research and foster academic collaboration.

A significant highlight was the HKIAS International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, held on 17 and 18 April. Distinguished scholars from around the globe gathered at CityUHK to exchange ideas and present the latest advancements in mathematical analysis. Prof. Ciarlet, along with other conference organizer and moderators, ensured a seamless experience for participants through productive meetings and preparations.

Another notable event organized by Prof. Ciarlet was the HKIAS Distinguished Lecture Series, featuring a talk titled "On some new mathematical models and their applications" by Prof. Pierre-Louis Lions, our HKIAS Senior Fellow and a Fields Medalist, on 19 April. The lecture explored the historical connections between mathematical modeling and the development of mathematics. It drew a full house of over a hundred participants at CityUHK.

In collaboration with the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, Prof. Ciarlet also hosted the France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series at CityUHK. This lecture series has been a knowledge exchange platform for over 20 exceptional French scientists who stand at the pinnacle of international scientific excellence. The lecture on 8 May titled "Black Holes and Active Galaxy Nuclei," delivered by Prof. Françoise Combes, an astrophysicist and President-Elect of the French Academy of Sciences, provided fascinating insights into the world of super-massive black holes and their role in galaxy evolution.

Prof. Philippe Ciarlet's visit to CityUHK holds great promise for advancing scientific research and innovation. The knowledge exchange and ideas shared during these events will undoubtedly shape the future of scientific frontiers.

Professor Philippe G. Ciarlet is the HKIAS Senior Fellow and Emeritus Professor of CityUHK. He is an Officer in the National Order of the Legion of Honor of France. He is a Member of various academies, including the French Academy of Sciences, the Academia Europaea and a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The HKIAS Distinguished Lecture is supported in part by the Kwang Hua Educational Foundation. For more information about the lecture, please click here.

For more information about the HKIAS International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications, please visit the conference website.

For more information about the France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture, please visit the event website.

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