Poster Presentation

Contributed Speakers

Dafaalla Mahjoub Dafaalla Babiker
University of Science and Technology of China, China
Effects of electron beam irradiation crosslinking on microstructure and electrochemical performance of hybrid polyethylene separators for lithium-ion batteries
Ahmed Dawelbeit
Donghua University, China
Transient confinement of the quaternary tetramethylammonium tetrafluoroborate salt in nylon 6,6 fibres: structural developments for high-performance properties via a temporal weakening of the hydrogen bonds
Ahmed Drai
Mustapha Stambouli University, Algeria
Mechanical behavior of exponential functionally graded sandwich plates under buckling load and resting on elastic foundation
Sangguk Jeong
Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea
Fabrication of heterogenous layered structure with selective laser melting additive manufacturing
Yan Ma
City University of Hong Kong, China
Ultra-high tensile strength via precipitates and enhanced martensite transformation in a FeNiAlC alloy
Evgeniya Panina
Belgorod State University, Russia
Mechanical properties and deformation behavior of novel refractory high-entropy alloys with a BCC-B2 structure
Elizaveta Povolyaeva
Belgorod State University, Russia
Formation of a heterogeneous microstructure in a medium entropy alloy of the Fe-Co-Ni-Cr-C system
Maxim Ozerov
Belgorod State University, Russia
Effect of hardening with borides on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al5Nb24Ti40V5Zr26 alloy-based composites
Sara Saad
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Cold sintering of ceramic materials
Anastasiia Semenyuk
Belgorod State University, Russia
The effect of nitrogen on the structure and mechanical properties of the Fe40Mn40Cr10-Co10-based alloys
Nikita Stepanov
Belgorod State University, Russia
Microstructure and mechanical behavior of al-doped CoCrFeMnNi with dual-phase FCC/B2 structure