Charge-Transfer Complexes and their Applications

13 April 2021


Professor Chun-Sing Lee delivered an online lecture for the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study.

A renowned scholar, Professor Chun-Sing Lee, the Head of Department of Chemistry of the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), delivered an online lecture titled “Charge-Transfer Complexes and their Applications” for the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS) Distinguished Lecture Series on Chemistry at CityU on 8 April 2021.

Charge-Transfer Complexes (CTCs) have been a hot topic for more than one decade. To date, the application of CTCs has exhibited notable progress. In the talk, Professor Chun-Sing Lee, Chair Professor of Materials Chemistry of CityU, provided an updated overview on the recent advances on the signature of CTCs and their applications in different organic optoelectronic.

Professor Lee explained that a CTC is a bicomponent complex composed of an electron donor and an electron acceptor. He said that when the extent of charge-transfer (CT) is high enough, materials with the CT states are called charge-transfer complexes (CTCs). Subsequently, he introduced the characteristic signatures of CTCs, such as red-shifted, broadened emission, and absorption, highlighting that they played key roles in the operations of both solar cells and LED devices.

Besides, Professor Lee stressed that CTCs have various novel applications beyond optoelectronics. He presented methods for processing CTCs, which typically have substantially different properties to those of their constituting molecules, into nanoparticles and their energy, environmental and biomedical applications.

Over 200 online participants joined this virtual lecture, and various participants submitted questions for the speaker to address in real-time.

Professor Lee's research interests include organic electronics devices and nanomaterials for energy, environmental and biomedical applications. He has published about 800 journal papers with over 40,000 citations and a Scopus h-index of 106. In 2016, he established the journal Materials Today Energy with Elsevier and served as the Editor-in-Chief. Professor Lee also co-founded the Center Of Super-Diamond and Advanced Films (COSDAF) in 1998 and currently is the Center's Director.

This lecture is supported in part by the Kwang Hua Educational Foundation.

  (Right) Professor Jacob Huang, Executive Director of HKIAS and Chair Professor of Department of Materials Science and Engineering, presented a souvenir to (left) Professor Lee. (Left to right) Professor Lee, Professor Alex Jen, moderator of the lecture, the Lee Shau-Kee Chair Professor of Materials Science and Chair Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science of CityU, and Professor Huang.  

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